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We’re privileged to be able to offer you an investment solution that helps you achieve your investment goals. Whatever you’re investing for, our investment portfolios are tailored to meet your risk appetite. We’ve constructed portfolios from across the market, which have been scrutinised meticulously and we’ve worked hard to offer them at a competitive price.

We offer financial advisers the opportunity to use our model portfolio service (MPS), allowing your financial adviser to choose one of our model portfolios that meets your particular needs and objectives

Where your financial adviser has recommended our bespoke portfolio service, as we’re a discretionary manager and you have granted us us the mandate to work with your funds, we will make investment decisions on your behalf. This means we can act quickly to capitalise on opportunities without consulting you. However, where appropriate, we will work closely with your adviser to ensure we always understand the impact of how any changes to our portfolios impacts you.

We’re proud to be working with hundreds of clients already and through the expertise of our team and our partners, we aim to grow our business through strong performance and deeply personal service.

IMPORTANT: Investments can go down as well as up, so you could get back less than you put in.


  • Discretionary investment management
  • Model portfolios or bespoke investment solutions
  • Ongoing monitoring of your investments
  • Reliance on your financial advisor to determine your risk profile and the suitability of the service
  • Online access to your portfolio

Giving Our Clients Peace Of Mind

Once your financial adviser has determined your objectives and risk profile, we can help you to grow your capital by offering a portfolio that meets your needs.


Best Execution Policy

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